The global guidelines to reduce environmental pollution are imposing the progressive elimination of plastic use.

Considering this “plastic-free” concept and in collaboration with the Spanish carton supplier ALZAMORA, RAMA has introduced a new cardboard clip for beverage cans packaging.

The patented clip named LATCUB is a green choice: recyclable and compostable, and it offers many advantages from hygienic and marketing point of view.

Today LATCUB represents the most valid alternative to the plastic packaging.

The collaboration

RAMA/ALZAMORA collaboration introduces a complete solution where RAMA has designed and manufactured the automatic packaging machine.

Two versions of LATCUB machines are available: high speed (108,000 cans/hour) or medium speed (76,000 cans/hour) suitable to cover the needed productivity of all beverage factories.

The machines have been designed and built by applying the most advanced technologies assuring the highest quality standards.

The performance flexibility also allows the packaging of different cans types.RAMA machines can easily replace the plastic packaging machines in the line layouts.

RAMA is proud to be the choice of leading companies in the market, by having confirmation that LATCUB solution is one of the most important innovations in plastic-free packaging.

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