1. Realization

In this phase, the production engineering becomes executive and the machine/line is manufactured. Rama builds the machine components and assembles the various parts by paying particular attention to the parts selection. The customer’s order is respected achieving the budget and respecting the planned delivery time.

2. Installation

The line start up is always done by Rama technicians.
The customer usually proceed with two different acceptance tests:
• PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection), directly at Rama and before delivery;
• SAT(Specification Acceptance Test) at buyers’ site together with the customer’s technicians.
These tests have the purpose to guarantee the maximum machines functionality, assuring “time saving” and minimize the risks.

3. Development

RAMA srl high-specialized technical staff develops the best packaging machines and lines for food and no-food industries thanks to the research and application of the most advanced technologies. The analysis always starts from the customer requirement, considering the type of product and its characteristics. RAMA develops customized solutions for each single request.

4. Training

Rama technical staff provides, besides the machine installation and start up at customer’s site, also the operators’ training. In this way Rama permits to the end user a quick production start by reducing time and costs. RAMA is always focused on the Customer necessities.

5. Assistance

The technical assistance is always guaranteed in direct way or through technical assistance made by Rama’s Agents worldwide.
The objective is to guarantee a quick and efficient assistance and for this purpose Rama is also able to supply a tele-assistence service:
• diagnostic type: Rama check the fault together with the customer help and proceed with a diagnostic analysis.
• diagnostic – resolutive type: through the modem connection, Rama check the fault cause and solve the problem by operating at distance;
• support type: electronical intervention at distance as support to a RAMA technician on customer’s site or giving a direct support to the customer.

RAMA supplies a complete list with each part associated to a code in order to make the request more easy and quick.
This list is suitable in the working and maintenance manual.

Spare parts – information on machines working and maintenance manuals: ricambi@rama-web.com

6. Quality

RAMA guarantees the achieving of the high quality standard thanks to the customized analysis and development and thanks to the careful material/component selection.
All the machines are manufactured according to the current CEE standards.
The result is the achievement of a more safety and efficient working place with a manual operations reduct