Project Description

The production costs can be reduced thanks to our automatic top loading station, which is composed with our manipulator integrated with different type of managing conveyors depending on the product.
Repetitive hand operations can be effectively reduced to the minimum, increasing the quality and the efficiency, but also reducing the risks.
The automatic top loading station, composed by planar manipulator RM RX1000 or portal manipulator RM RC, when supplied in conjunction with our feeding system conveyors RM GPACK, represents one of the most advanced packaging solutions.
It is designed to suit the automatic collation and top loading into erected boxes, where product accumulation cannot be randomly assembled.
Rama develops and customizes the proposed installations in relation to the requested production speed.


  • Solid and compact structure
  • Powered by independent servomotors
  • Possibility of different collecting and synchronization units
  • Easy, quick and reliable changeover
  • Automatic changeover optional
  • Ease of use and ease of maintenance
  • High flexibility